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With over twenty years of industry experience working in management consulting, large pharma, and venture capital, OLSF contributes many diverse perspectives to our portfolio companies. 


OLSF I is invested in five start-ups that have created over 100 jobs with a mean income that is three times greater than the state average. These companies have attracted over $210 million in venture capital from regional and national venture capital firms after OLSF's first investment. These entrepreneurial success stories have continued with our second round, OLSF II, which has already invested in five promising start-ups in Oklahoma, which have attracted over $74.3 million in outside venture capital.  


Since its inception in 2000, The Oklahoma Life Science Fund has been the single largest driver of private equity capital to Oklahoma

Investment Goals

OLSF invests in promising life science technologies where businesses and management teams can be built. Investment decisions made by the Fund's limited partners and OLSF will be the first professionally managed money invested. Upon investing, OLSF remains active in all portfolio companies by shaping strategy, assuring capitalization and driving execution


Post investment, companies that can successfully develop their core technology and business will result in the formation of stand alone life science companies which are based on Oklahoma technologies. Companies whose technology and business is not robust enough to form a life science company or were not appropriate for other market and technical reasons, will result in technology licensing opportunities.

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