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Otologic Pharmaceutics

Oklahoma City, OK


Otologic Pharmaceutics, Inc. is a company committed to developing treatments for acute hearing loss to reduce the development of permanent hearing disorders.


OPI’s lead program HPN1010, an oral medication to treat acute hearing loss, will enter clinical trials in 2014. Initial research focuses on Noise Induced Hearing Loss. We will continue to work to expand the applicability of HPN1010 to treat hearing loss from other causes, such as Cisplatin Induced Hearing loss.


OPIs primary focus is to advance the clinical development of our lead product NHPN=1010 which is a combination of two well-understood and safe compounds; HPN-07 and NAC. The target indication will be as an otoprotectant to prevent and treat acute hearing loss and by doing so prevent development permanent hearing disorders. The technology enables enhanced recovery from ototoxic or traumatic injury and hence reduces permanent hearing loss when given before or shortly after acute injury. Our lead indication is treatment of acute noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), a program that has received extensive funding from the US Department of Defense. NHPN-1010 will enter clinical trials in 2014 to advance the NIHL indication.


Also in 2014 OPI will initiate IND enabling studies to support clinical evaluation of NHPN-1010 treatment to prevent or reverse acute Cisplatin induced hearing loss (CIHL). Cisplatin is a widely used anti-cancer treatment used in adults and children. Cisplatin causes marked hearing loss in over 75% of the nearly 700,000 patients treated each year. OPI and its collaborating institutions Hough Ear Institute and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation will evaluate the potential utility of NHPN-1010 to treat tinnitus, vestibular injury and traumatic brain injury associated hearing disorders. approaches that are currently in early stages of research.


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