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Consano Healthcare

Oklahoma City, OK


Consano Healthcare, formerly Precision Healthcare Group, was organized in 2012 and funded through a $1.15 million Series A round of funding. The principal investors thus far have been Dr. Sean O’Brien, the Oklahoma Life Science Fund, and Healthcare Partners Investments, LLC (HPI).


Consano Healthcare was founded in 2012 by Bill Towler and Zach Weldon with the expressed aim of taking advantage of a newly identified business opportunity in the home healthcare market space. Presently the need for home healthcare and therapy care in general is answered by an extremely fractured, disorganized cottage industry. Consano plans to change that by developing a highly organized, one-stop, full-service home healthcare service business across the United States for post-acute care patients. In order to achieve this goal, Consano Healthcare has operations in a number of markets, including therapy services, therapy staffing, and outpatient clinics.


A large part of building this efficient, inter-connected healthcare service is establishing therapy clinics in areas where established doctors can help direct patient flow. The first network of clinics will be in the Oklahoma City area beginning with a clinic in Newcastle. Once this model has been proven successful, Consano Healthcare plans to expand its operations to include other networks of clinics in other metropolitan areas. 


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